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MOVING JOB & ROOM (optional)



Get a Moving Job and a Room!  Or Just a Moving Job!

To apply for a moving job, here is a link to the online application (available positions and starting rates are on the application):

If hired, to add a room:  Furnished Room: $200 per week.

***33% will be applied from your pay for the room (not including tips), up to a MAX of $200 per week.  If you get another job and only work part-time for the moving company, then the full $200 per week would be due.

The rooms are in a 6500sqft 7 bedroom 5 bath home.  NO DEPOSIT!  NO UP FRONT MONEY REQUIRED.  The rent will be taken out of your pay.  

For more information or for questions, use our live chat feature:

Thanks for submitting!

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